Neck pain is a common health complaint. Your neck constantly supports and balances 10-13 pounds — the equivalent of an average bowling ball. Is it hard to look over your shoulder? Or is there a constant throbbing in your neck? Do you notice a “grinding” sound as you turn your head? Sounds like you need come to the Injury Center of the Glades.

A popular response to neck pain is taking medication for the pain (aspirin, analgesics, pain pills) or just treating its symptoms (muscle relaxers, massage, hot packs).

The approach at the Injury Center of the Glades to neck pain is to locate its underlying cause. This begins with a complete case history and thorough examination. Special attention is given to the structure and function of the spine, and its effect on the nervous system. While a massage feels good, most causes of neck pain involve more than just muscles. Is the proper spinal curve present? Is the nerve opening between each pair of spinal bones free and clear? Is the head balanced? Is the shoulder level? These and other considerations are used to create a plan of specific chiropractic adjustments to help improve the motion and position of spinal vertebrae. With improved structure and function, neck pain often diminishes or totally disappears, without addictive drugs or harmful side effects.