Back on Trac™ Therapy for Back Pain

Injury Center of the Glades is proud to announce that our clinic is now equipped with the newest option in back pain treatment, and it is available to our patients who suffer from back pain. The Back on Trac™ is a unique, non-invasive chiropractic treatment option that offers safe stretching of the spine in combination with unilateral or bilateral flexion — bending. The device also incorporates heat and vibration aids in the healing process by promoting blood flow and stimulation of the nerve pathways.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy With Back on Trac™

At Injury Center of the Glades, we have trouble keeping our patients out of the Back on Trac™ therapy chair! This unique option is incredibly comfortable and very low-impact. It does not require restraints or a harness and unlike other decompression devices, you are not suspended at any time. The Back on Trac™ allows you to sit comfortably with your arms and legs supported while the device slowly and gently reclines and separates to a pre-set measurement to provide traction on your spine and open up the intervertebral space. This traction allows the intervertebral discs to lay comfortably between your vertebrae without being compressed. It also relieves pressure on nerves and helps to elongate tight muscles.

Flexion for Back Pain Treatment

Once the Back on Trac™ device has stretched your body to the pre-set measurement, it can then be programmed to move to one side, the other, or in both directions intermittently. This motion of bending you slightly at the hips helps to open up one side of the spine at a time and has proven effective for helping pain associated with herniated discs and scoliosis. The Back on Trac device moves from side to side very slowly and gently as to not cause any jerking motions or increased pain. The flexion movement can treat lower extremity pain and conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, hip and knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. Don’t live with your pain any longer than you need to! Call Injury Center of the Glades for a consultation to see if Back on Trac™ is a viable treatment option for your back pain.

What Can Back on Trac™ Treat?

  • bulging and herniated disc

  • degenerative joint disease

  • compression fracture

  • facet syndrome

  • spondylolisthesis

  • scoliosis

  • sciatica